How Do You Choose A Concrete Driveway?

When you decide to pave a driveway, the big question often comes down to choosing between concrete and asphalt. Sure, they both have their pros, but there’s a heap of reasons why concrete might just take the cake. Not only does it promise years of service without a hitch, but it also doesn’t break the bank. Plus, concrete stands tough against anything thrown its way and lets you get creative with its look. The cherry on top? Concrete driveways last incredibly long.

The driveways we build are customized, high quality, and affordable. In addition to building durable driveways that increase property values, we are a licensed and experienced team. The designs we provide are fully customized for each client’s home and enhance its structure.

Providing concrete services both indoors and outdoors, we are experienced with a variety of concrete applications. Our goal is to create a driveway for your home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing while keeping costs low. Your choice of building materials plays a key role in the success of your project. An individual’s first impression of a property is formed by the driveway. In order for them to be a successful part of the home, all details need to be carefully attended to.

Concrete Contractors in West Jordan Utah help you understand why concrete driveways are better than asphalt in your home.

1.   Efficient and cost-effective 

The initial cost of installing a concrete driveway is higher than that of a paver driveway, but the long-term cost is significantly less. The reason for this is that it is more durable. A driveway made of asphalt requires a lot of maintenance and repairs, which will affect your budget in the long run, since you will end up spending a lot more money.

In addition to the cost of maintenance and repairs, you also incur costs associated with driveway maintenance and repairs. Having concrete installed in your home provides you with a material that will require little maintenance once it is done. In order to achieve this, so many commercial spaces use concrete on both the interior and exterior of their buildings.

2. Easily Maintainable and Repairable

Concrete driveways are much easier to maintain and repair as opposed to asphalt driveways, which deteriorate much more quickly. A softer material such as asphalt is more prone to damage and wear and tear since it is a softer material. You won’t have to deal with any expensive repairs or maintenance issues when you choose concrete for your driveway, as it won’t need to be repaired often. The reason that this is important is that driveways are high traffic areas that bear the brunt of daily wear and tear as a result of cars driving on them every day.

It is important to keep in mind that if you are considering asphalt for your driveway, you may need to prevent the driveway from deteriorating after only six months or one year after installation. It may be necessary to reseal the patio every 3-5 years in order to keep it in top condition. Concrete driveways, on the other hand, do not need to be sealed as often as asphalt driveways. In addition to maintaining a beautiful appearance for many years, they require little maintenance.

3. Concrete’s long-lasting durability

In addition, the durability and long-term benefits that concrete can provide when it comes to building a driveway are also very impressive. Considering the volatile real estate market and the complexity of building a home, this is a very important factor to consider when building a house. Choosing an attractive driveway for your property can enhance your property’s curb appeal and increase its value.

As a result, concrete is a very durable material that is able to endure heavy use as well as harsh climate conditions. In terms of durability, it is the best choice for driveways because it does not require much maintenance every year so that it always looks good. As long as concrete driveways are properly maintained, homeowners can expect their driveways to last between 30 and 50 years.

As our clients are guaranteed to work with experienced professionals, we ensure you that you will receive the highest quality driveway installation to make sure your driveway lasts exactly as long as you expect it to. Our driveway installation professionals will also suggest a maintenance plan so you can take advantage of your driveway for as long as possible.

4. Concrete Enhances your Home

To The advantages of concrete over asphalt can make your home more appealing on the outside. If you are trying to create an elegant look for your property, this is the ideal choice. A concrete home can also be customized in a number of ways, resulting in a truly unique design. Concrete offers a wide range of finishes and designs that are superior to the plain gray and flat finish of asphalt. 

We at Leilani Concrete &Landscape look forward to listening to your ideas in order to create a stunning driveway based on your specifications. Concrete driveways can be stained or tinted to create unique looks. There are a variety of stamp patterns available that can mimic brick, stone, tile, or other materials on your driveway. In order to add a decorative touch to your home, you can choose from a number of artistic options.

5. Weather-proof concrete

No Whatever type of climate you are facing, concrete will hold up to both the hottest summers and the coldest winters without a chance of failing.

 Concrete driveways can withstand rain, snow, and draughts because they are highly resistant. Asphalt driveways, however, do not perform well in hot climates. Their material becomes gooey and can even stick to your car tires and shoes. Because of this, concrete is a good choice for hot climates.

Choose a Trusted Contractor

A concrete driveway is the best option when you want a beautiful, cost-effective, durable driveway. We have an experienced team of concrete driveway experts at Leilani Concrete &Landscaping who can advise you on the benefits of having a concrete driveway installed on your property.

Our experienced contractors specialize in the installation of concrete in both internal and external areas of your house. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we make sure your concrete installation is performed efficiently and with the highest level of quality.

We maintain the highest standards in the industry while keeping our prices affordable. We are available for your driveway project at